We manufacture lenticular pictures,lenticular printing,lenticualr lenses sheet,lenticular poster, lenticular sheet (LPI 3D25, 18, 32, 3D42) for sale.Lenticular pictures are digital files that have been specially prepared and then printed onto a lens material.We manufacture lenticular sheet made of GPPS,acrylic resins.LPIs (Lens Per Inch) of the large format lenticular sheet range from 12 LPI up to 42 LPI. We currently offer 5 LPI varieties of large format lenticular sheet (12, 3D25, 18, 32, 3D42) to cover most imaging applications.

All of our lenticular sheets are manufactured in China under strict manufacturing procedures.Our standard lenticular sheet sizes range from 47.24 inches x 94.49 inches up to 78.74 inches wide by 118.11 inches high.

The company advantage

1、Professional lenticular sheets manufacurer

2、Lenticular Painting talent powerful.

3、Lenticular lenses sheet data stable

4、High light transmission,strong toughness,good focus

5、Wide range of panels,lifelike 3D paintings